Animal Husbandry


  • No. of Revenue village (Yr. 2012) = 2589
  • No. of Blocks = 12
  • No. of Veterinary Hospitals= 3
  • No. of Veterinary Dispensaries = 17
  • No. of Livestock Aid Centres= 74 + 19 (new LAC)
  • No of AI Doing Centres= 94
  • No. of Gomitras= 15
  • No of Dist. Diagnostic Laboratory= 1
  • No of Poultry Hatcheries= 2 (Functional)
  • No. of Goat Breeding Farm= 1
  • No. of Fodder Farm= 1
  • No. of District Training Centre= 1
  • No. of Farmers Training Centre, (Dadpaju, PLB)= 1
Sl. No. Name Designation Contact No.
1 Dr.L.K Aich CDVO, Kandhamal 9437075882
2 Dr.P.K. Mohanty SDVO,Phulbani 7978253195
3 Dr. Dillip Ku. Pattanaik   SDVO, Balliguda  8895401324
4 Dr. Ranjan Ku. Sahu ADVO (LP), Kandhamal 9437247928
5 Dr. Ashish Ku. Satapathy  ADVO (DC), Kandhamal 9861044550
6   Dr. Alaka Pattanaik DTC, Kandhamal  9437165454
7 Dr. Trilochan Sahu DD,Phulbani 94372151749
8 Dr. Bimal Choudhry AVAS Chakapad 9438182236
9   Dr. Umesh Ch. Behera BVO Khajuripada 9437628437
10 Dr. A. Chandrakant Pattajoshi AVAS Khajuripada 9437642878
11 Dr. Rasmi Ranjan. Mohapatra BVO Phiringia 9437169985
12 Dr. Prasant Mahallik  I/c GBF Dadpaju,AVAS Phiringia 8249423411
13 Dr. Mayadevi Majhi VAS Gochhapada 8895541215
14 Dr. Suchitra Ku. Patra AVAS Balliguda 9438730975
15 Dr. Parthasarathi Swain AVAS K. Nuagaon 9438040202
16 Dr. Sushant Nayak BVO Tikabali 8895332440
17 Dr. Raja Udayabhanu Rout AVAS Tikabali 9438280001
18 Dr. Bijaya Ku. Sahu  BVO Chakapad 9438462523
19 Dr. Sushil Ku. Sethy   VAS Sankarakhol 9439362640
20 Dr. Sabir ku. Pradhan BVO Raikia 9438180674
21 Dr. Sripati Das BVO Daringbadi 9437658863
22 Dr. Chinmaya Sahu AVAS Daringbadi 9777137197
23 Dr. Kanhu Ch. Sahu VAS Brahmanigaon 9437682172
24 Dr. Kamal Pradhan AVAS Kotagarh 8763895194
25 Dr. Bimal Ku. Mohapatra BVO Tumudibandh 9437813627
26 Dr. Bishnu Choudhry VAS Belghar  9439158191
27 Dr. Sripati Sethi AVAS G.Udayagiri 9431681672
28 Dr. Debajyoti Behera VAS Sarangada 9437890925


Artificial Insemination (National Programme for Cattle & Buffalo Breeding, NPCBB):

National Programme for Cattle & Buffalo Breeding (NPCBB) is being operated in the district in all the Veterinary Institutions like 20 nos. of Veterinary Hospital, Dispensary & 74 nos. of Livestock Aid Centre to improve the AI technologies.

Both departmental & doorstep facilities is provided.

Achievements Details
Year Target Achievement Percentage
2017-18 27950 15494 56 %
Year Male Female Total
2017-18 1152 811 1963

Vaccination :

Our Department is providing different vaccines against contagious and infectious disease of the Live stock of the District.

The different vaccines available for the Live stocks are as follows
Sl. No. Species Name Name of the Vaccines
3 Poultry Birds RD(F1 Strain, R2B), FOWL POX

Control Programme :

In this district, control programme is going on for eradication of five diseases from the livestock like FMD, PPR, Anthrax, Brucella and Theileria. Wall painting is also done in the building at LAC & VD for continuous sensitization of the farmers.

CAE (Commercial Agro Enterprises) :

40 % of the fixed capital (excluding the cost of land) subject to limit of 50.00 Lakhs (50% limited to 50.00 lakhs) for SC/ST/Women/Graduates of Agriculture & allied disciplines. Detail of CAE can be available in the website Any interested entrepreneur for ARD activities may apply online after visiting the site.

DEDS (Dairy Entrepreneurs Development Scheme) :

DEDS Scheme is implemented during the year 2017-18. In this scheme people can get loan for Dairy Farming starting from Rupees 1 Lakh to 6 Lakhs. The Applicant has to pay 10% of the project cost as margin money. There is provision of subsidy of 25% for General and 33.33% for S.C. & S.T. farmers. The subsidy will be borne by NABARD. The applicant has to apply before the respective Veterinary Assistant Surgeons of their blocks. Other relevant information will be available with the V.A.S. of the different blocks.

Small Animal Development :

Small scale Sheep/Goat farming under the State plan “Genetic Up-gradation of Small Animal”:

Under State Plan small/marginal farmers / landless will be supported for setting up of goat/sheep unit with 10 Does and 01 Buck with 50% subsidy i.e. Rs.17,500/- on total project cost i.e. Rs.35,000/-. The farmers will arrange the rest 50% of the Project cost either from their own source or bank finance. In case of availing bank credit 5% of the loan amount will be the seed capital. The subsidy will be released only after production of completion certificate of individual components from the concerned DD, VH/BVO/VAS/AVAS.

Genetic Up-gradation (Support to Farmers) of Small Animal under State plan :

Under the scheme a unit of 50 female and 02 male goats will be supported with Rs. 50,000/- for providing provisional feeders health care packages, vitamins / minerals supplementation and insurance of supplied animals. 08 nos. of units under the scheme has been supported in Kandhamal District till March-2018.

MVU (Mobile Veterinary Unit) :

12 nos. of MV Units are functioning in 12 Blocks of the district. The MV Unit teams are providing vaccination of animals and health coverage in remote areas of the district.

Poultry Development :

Rural Poultry Development Scheme under NLM: In this scheme the BPL beneficiaries of the district are benefitted and supplied with 45 no. of 28 day old banaraja chicks in three phases (20+15+10) at free of cost. They also are provided with an amount of Rs.1500/- for night shelter, feeder and waterier. In the year 2017-18 in total 288 no. of BPL beneficiaries of our district were benefitted under this scheme.

Establishment of Mother Unit under NLM :

The Mother Unit will procure the day old chicks from the SGSY District Hatchery of low input technology birds which are having better sustenance at the farmers door steps and rear them till four weeks. After rearing for 28 days the mother unit will supply chicks to the beneficiaries to the BPL families.

PTD: Permanent Total Disability


Under the Scheme there is provision of construction of cattle shed with an estimated cost @ Rs.1,13,000/-, Goat Shelter @ Rs.44,000/-, Piggery Shelter @ Rs.69,000/- & Poultry shelter @ Rs.39,000/- for either individual beneficiaries or in groups. The project cost is approved by the Panchayati Raj & Drinking Water Department, Govt. of Odisha. The sponsored application of each block under the scheme will be sanctioned at PR Department after approval from the Palli Sabha in each block.

Construction of cattle shed with an estimated cost
Serial No. Project name Price
 1  Cow RestShed 11300/-
2  Goat RestShed  44000/-
3  Pig RestShed 69000/-
4  HenRestShed  39000/-

Convergence Programme :

With ARD Deptt. the Agriculture and Allied Departments are being converged for livelihood generation like Poultry farming, Goat farming & Dairy farming of the poor farmers. This programmes are continue under Mission 171 also.

Camps :

The Department is organizing different Animal Health Camps throughout the year. The different health camps organized in the district are as follows :

Animal Health Camp cum Awareness camp under ASCAD programme :

In this camp all the cattle, buffalo, sheep, goat & poultry birds of the village are treated with suitable medicines supplied by the department.

Deworming Camp :

The Department is organizing Deworming Camps for animals in all the blocks. Due to Deworming Camps the local livestock dewormed against different external and internal parasites. Due to this the rate of body weight gain is higher in animals as well as the scheme looks glossy and healthy. So the farmers are getting more benefits from this.

  1. Total No. of villages – 2615
  2. Household having livestock – 112371
  3. CB population – 2307
  4. Cattle Ind. – 330708
  5. Buffalo Population – 59992
  6. Goat Population -248015
  7. Sheep Ind. – 8053
  8. Sheep CB – 49
  9. Pig Ind. – 33742
  10. Pig CB – 224
  11. Stray Cattle – 1801
  12. Stray Dog – 11374
  13. Meat Butcher – 92
  14. Dog Population – 16161
  15. Rabbit – 44
  16. Fowls – 384212
  17. Duck – 905
  18. Other Birds – 233

Breedable Population

  1. Cattle CB – 774
  2. Cattle Ind – 62331
  3. Buffalo – 17594
  4. Goat – 100289
  5. Sheep – 2763