About Collectorate Kandhamal

An administrative District of Odisha, Kandhamal District was created in 1st January 1994 when the erstwhile  Phulbani District was split into two  distinct Districts with its headquarters at Kandhamal, Phulbani is also the most important city of the District. The District consists of 2515 Villages, ,171Gram Panchayats, 12 Tahasils, 2 Notified Area Council, 1 Municipal Corporation, and 18 Police Stations. Kandhamal District comes under the administrative control of South Revenue Division.

The Offices Controlled By Revenue Regulatory Administration.

  • Establishment Section
  • Revenue Section
  • District Development Section
  • Nizarat Section
  • Compensation Touzi Section
  • Land Acquisition Section
  • General Miscellaneous Section
  • Office Superintendent
  • Superintendent Land Records
  • District Loans and Touzi Section
  • District Emergency Section

The Offices Under Developmental Administration

  • Civil Supply Office
  • District Treasury
  • Office of the Superintendent Excise
  • District Information and Public Relation Office
  • District Social Welfare Office
  • District Social Security Office
  • District Child Protection Unit
  • District Welfare Office
  • District Culture Office
  • District Small Savings Office
  • District Sports Office
  • Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan