Police Department


KANDHAMAL district, from the former name PHULBANI was constituted w.e.f 1st January 1994 after reorganization of districts in Odisha and bifurcation of Boudh district. it constitute with 2 sub-divisions , 12 CDB, 2 ULB, 171 GPs, 18 police stations, 7 police outposts and 2515 villages. More than 50% of the population constitutes ST community of aboriginal tribal races. Above all, the district is ranked as a backward district in the state of Odisha. Police was handling the local public only, but now the district has become a challenge for Police after intrusion of the left wing extremists, Ethnic violence between Kandha caste and Pana caste, and communal violence between Hindus and Christians.


Prevention of crime

  • Surveillance on criminals.
  • Monitoring of records.
  • Beat patrolling, mobile and foot patrolling, surprise checks (Naka Bandis), combing operations and raids.
  • System of preventive action under the Criminal Procedure Code, Indian Penal Code and other preventive legislations; special care is taken of juvenile offenders and atrocities against weaker sections.

Detection of Crime

  • Investigation and prosecution of offenders.

Maintenance of Public Order

  • Maintenance of law and order during festivals, elections, communal and social disturbances, natural calamities.
  • Maintenance of Internal Security & VIP security.

Other Duties

  • Enquiring into non-cognizable cases, accidental deaths, accidental fires, etc.
  • Enquiring about missing persons.
  • Registration of foreign nationals and related enquiries.
  • Escorting the treasury, prisoners, juvenile offenders, run-away girls.
  • Verification of character, antecedents and records for issuance of passports, arms licenses and other licenses, for government employment, domestic servants whenever required, etc.
  • Implementation of various social legislations aimed for protecting the weaker sections of the society and monitoring their social status.

Name of services

Reception Center and Sishu-Mahila Desk

A Reception Centre functioning at all Police Stations with sitting accommodation, drinking water, toilet facility and free supply of paper and pen for writing of reports if any. One Officer of each PS is engaged at the reception Centre for receiving the reporters comming  to P.Ss with their grievances. It is a step closer to bring a change in the approach of the police towards the common people.

Name of the Program and Schemes


Crime & Criminal Tracking networking & System  (CCTNS) is an ambitious as well as mission mode  project under National e-Governance plan. This project was the flagship IT project of the India Police integrating all critical components and aims to offer police services at the next level. It intends to create a National Data Base and a Citizen Centric Portal for interface with the Citizens. National Crime records Bureau has prepared a standardized format in Core Application Software (CAS) and provided to States which is being used by the Police officers throughout the country. The goals of the system are to facilitate collection, storage, retrieval, analysis, transfer and sharing of data and information.

Citizen Portal

A Citizen portal in the CCTNS system is functioning which is frequently used by the common people mostly for verification of Character and antecedent, request for issue of license for holding procession, function and meeting, verification of antecedents of tenants and domestic help etc. through online.For more information visit the website Click Here


In order to make community policing more comprehensive ‘ Ama Police’ Samities are being introduced in all Police Stations. Separate Units like Integrated Anti-Human Trafficking Unit, Inspector Women & Child Care units are operating in the District.

Community Policing

Community Policing is functioning in the district.  All the Police Stations have been divided into 5/6 beats.  A Beat Officer/Constable has been engaged for each beat.  Ama Police Samiti has been formed at PS level consisting of 20/25 Samiti members.  The Samiti Meeting is being held in each month in each Police Station to discuss different matters relating to Crime, Law & Order and other miscellaneous matters of the Society. A District Advisory Committee has been  formed at the District level to monitor the functioning of Ama Police Samiti. This sort of Community Policing helps a lot in the maintenance of Law and Order and other crime issues with the involvement of the members of Ama Police Samiti. Grama Rakhies are also engaged in Rural areas of the concerned Police Stations for optimum Rural Policing system in the isolated areas.

Contact Details of Kandhamal District Police Offices/Stations:

Contact Details of Kandhamal District Police Offices/Stations
Office Landline No. Office Landline No.
Supt. of Police 06842 253610 S.D.P.O Phulbani 06842 253761
Addl. S.P 06842 254211 S.D.P.O Balliguda 06846 243315
D.C SS Bn. 06842 253410 S.D.P.O G.Udayagiri 06847 260688
Dy S.P (Crime) 06842 254211 IIC Town PS 06842 253820
Dy S.P. (Accts) 06842 253230 IIC Balliguda PS 06846 243233
Dy S.P. (H.Gs) 06842 253793 IIC Daringbadi PS 06849 245320
DSP D.I.B 06842 253609 IIC Kotagarh PS 06848 220244
DCRB(Comp.) 06842 253179 IIC Bamunigaon PS 06846 244780
D.P.O 06842 255141 IIC Khajuripada PS 06842 251523
R.O 06842 253657 IIC Raikia PS 06847 264637
Police Hospital, Plb 06842 253421 IIC Tikabali PS 06842 263727
Police High school, Plb 06842 253392 IIC Nuagaon PS 06846 264332
WT Workshop 06842 253799 IIC Energy PS 06842 253733
IIC Chakapad PS 06847 264422 OIC Sarangada PS 06846 247212
OIC Phiringia PS 06845 266527 OIC Tumudibandha PS 06840 230344
OIC Gochapada PS 06842 262071 OIC Sadar PS 06842 211004
Police Stations in Kandhamal District
Sr. No. Police Stations Name
1 Town PS Phulbani
2 Sadar PS Phulbani
3 Khajuripada PS
4 Gochhapada PS
5 Tikabali PS
6 Balliguda PS
7 Brahmnigaon PS
8 Daringbadi PS
9 Tumudibandh PS
10 Kotagarh PS
11 Belghar PS
12 Energy PS Phulbani
13 Chakapad PS
14 Kanjamendi Nuagaon PS
15 G.Udayagiri PS
16 Raikia PS
17 Phiringia PS
18 Sarangada PS