What is Mission-171?

The District of Kandhamal in Odisha state is a hub of scenic natural beauty and suitable agro climatic condition for agriculture and allied activities. As the district is devoid of industries and other major commercial activities, agriculture and allied sector is the predominant occupation of its inhabitants for livelihood generation. Various schemes are being implemented in agriculture and allied sector both from Central Govt. & State Govt. to promote the activities related to livelihood of the farmers with provision of huge funds towards subsidy and infrastructure development. But due to lack of proper coordination during the implementation process they fail to provide sustainable livelihood for the poor farmers. In order to mitigate this problem, the District Administration of Kandhamal has started implementation of a convergence programme in the name of “MISSION-171” by ensuring effective convergence of MGNREGS scheme with other schemes of Central/ State Govt. for effective livelihood support to the farmers of Kandhamal District in Agriculture & Allied sector.

According to the programme, model orchards of 5 to 10 acres of land have been established in each of the 171 Gram Panchayats of the District involving a single or a group of beneficiaries during the year 2018-19. Stakeholders from various Govt. Departments have been assigned with different activities as listed below.

A District Level Committee with membership from all the Stakeholder Departments has been formed under the chairmanship of Collector & DM, Kandhamal to monitor the progress and take strategic of decisions through monthly meeting.

  • Collector-Cum-DPC, MGNREGS, Kandhamal : Chairman
  • Project Director, DRDA-Cum-Addl. DPC, MGNREGS, Kandhamal : Vice Chairman
  • Deputy Director of Horticulture, Kandhamal : Member (Convener)
  • Project Administrator, ITDA, Phulbani : Member
  • Project Administrator, ITDA, Balliguda : Member
  • Deputy Director of Agriculture, Kandhamal : Member
  • Project Director, Watershed, Kandhamal : Member
  • Assistant General Manager, NABARD, Kandhamal : Member
  • Lead District Manager, Kandhamal : Member
  • Chief District Veterinary Officer, Kandhamal : Member
  • District Fishery Officer, Kandhamal : Member
  • District Registered of Cooperative Society : Member
  • Chief Executive, DSMS, Kandhamal : Member
  • District Project Manager, OLM, Kandhamal : Member
  • District Labour Officer, Kandhamal : Member
  • Executive Engineer, OLIC, Kandhamal : Member
  • District Manager, OAIC, Kandhamal : Member
  • Assistant Director of Sericulture, Phulbani : Member
  • Programme Coordinator, KVK, G.Udayagiri : Member
  • Associate Director of Research, RRTTS, G.Udayagiri : Member
  • Secretary, BCCB, Boudh : Member
Sl.No. Name of the Scheme Name of the Activities Nodal Govt. Agency
1 MGNREGS Land Development
Perennial Fruit tree plantation like Mango, Litchi, Cashew Nut, Guava, Pomegranate etc. with wiremesh fencing
Augmentation of Irrigation facilities through Dug-well. Construction of Goatery & Cow Shade
PD, Watersheds
Block Development Officers(All) ITDA, Phulbani/ Balliguda
Deputy Director of Horticulture
2 State Plan (Jalanidhi/ BKoGY) Augmentation of Irrigation facilities through LI points/Micro River Lift. Executive Engineer, OLIC
3 PMKSY Installation of Drip & Sprinkler Irrigation system Deputy Director of Horticulture
4 MIDH/ATMA Inter cropping with short duration cash crops like: vegetables , turmeric, Ginger, Pulses, oil seeds etc.
Training and Exposure visit of the beneficiaries
Deputy Director of Horticulture
Deputy Director of Agriculture
5 PKVY Promotion of Organic Farming in the Model Orchards
Soil Testing & Issue of Soil Health Cards
Deputy Director of Agriculture
6 Institutional Finance Providing Loan linkage to the farmers from banks. Lead District Manager AGM, NABARD
7 Labor Registration All the eligible beneficiaries and their adult dependents are registered as unorganized labourers and provided with all facilities of Govt. District Labor officer
8 Skill Development Training All the eligible beneficiaries and their adult dependents are provided skill development training under DDU-GKY and SBIRSETI District Project Manager OLM
Asst. Director, ORMAS
9 Processing, Value Addition & Marketing The farm produce are processed at processing unit of KASAM . Establishing retail outlets for sale under the banner Kandhamal Fresh. District Project Manager OLM
Asst. Director, ORMAS Kandhamal Apex Spices Association for Marketing (KASAM)
Physical & Financial Progress under “Mission-171” in Kandhamal District
Sl.No. Activity Units Physical Achv. Remarks
1 Total No. of beneficiaries covered No. 604
2 Fruit tree plantation along with wire-mesh fencing (Mango, Cashew nut, Guava, Litchi, Pomegranate etc.) Ha. 463.00
3 Land Development Ha. 373.40
4 No. of Dug-well promoted No. 259 Ayacutarea-259 Ha
5 No. of LI Points promoted No. 143 Ayacutarea-143 Ha
6 Area covered under Micro Irrigation(Drip/ Sprinkler) Ha. 375.00
7 Inter-cropping with short duration cash crops (Turmeric, Ginger, Vegetables, Pulses, Oil seeds etc. Ha. 370.00
8 Soil Testing & Issue of Soil Health Cards No. 573
9 Providing Loan linkage to the farmers from banks. No. 456
10 Labour Registration No. 463
11 Skill Development Training No. 173 Placement-82
12 Allied activities promoted (Goatery, Poultry, Dairy etc.) No. 114

Output & Outcome

  • Utilization of MGNREGA for sustainable livelihood generation.
  • Promotion of agriculture and allied activities for livelihood.
  • Doubling of farmers’ income.
  • Implementation of modern technologies in agriculture and allied sectors.
  • Enhancement of Natural Resource Management Activities.
  • Promotion of Organic farming for climate restoration.
  • Promotion of allied sector like Goatery, Poultry, Dairy etc. for complementing agricultural activities and sustainability.
  • Skill Development of beneficiaries for increasing employability in various sectors.
  • Registration under unorganized labour sector for availing social benefits.
  • Extending the convergence programme to larger population.

After the first year of implementation during 2018-19 the programme has wide spread effect for augmentation of livelihood support to the beneficiaries’ majority of whom belonged to tribal community. It has helped in ensuring the convergence of activities under various sectors at the model project sites. During the current year i.e. 2019-20 it is envisaged to continue the model projects at Gram Panchayat level as well as to replicate these activities in other model projects in all GPs selected for the purpose. Continuance of the programme will definitely bring about a radical change in the livelihood sector for the people of Kandhamal.

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