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Sri Biswanath Barik
Mandasaru, Raikia
Category Natural / Scenic beauty

Surrounded by dense tropical moist deciduous forest, the Mandasaru Gorge ecosystem located in the eastern part of Kandhamal District of…

Nature Camp.

Daringbadi is a vast area at the height of about 3000 ft above sea level, it is an ideal summer…

Jagannath Temple
Jagannath Temple

This is Headquarter Town of Kandhamal District. So, regular Bus services are available from different places of the state and to…


Putudi is a place of natural beauty where river Salunki falls from the height of 60ft. forming an enchanting ambience….

Barala Devi Temple.
Barala Devi Temple

The beautiful place is famous for the Goddess BARALA DEVI who is believed to be the saviour of the world….

Elephant Reserve Belghar.

Belghar situated about 2555ft above the sea level. Belghar is full of scenic beauty and wild life especially Elephants. It…